"I was the Democratic nominee for United States Senate in Kentucky in 1996, and Scott Gale did fine work as my finance consultant. I hired him for my campaign for Governor in 2007, and Scott, with another ten years of experience under his belt, helped deliver results that were truly spectacular.In ten months we raised nearly $12 million, and most of that was raised with $1000 per person per election limits. But most important, we raised at least twice as much as each of my four serious primary opponents – and that would not have happened if Scott had not set up a fundraising operation that organized my friends and me so effectively. In 2010 we brought Scott back to put a new team together and he did another outstanding job!"   

Governor Steve Beshear (KY)


  "I have been in politics long enough to know that it is quite rare for a consultant to tell a candidate that they are not needed. FMG did a remarkable job on my 1996 Gubernatorial bid, and taught me and my staff a tremendous amount about the fund-raising process. In 1998 when running for Congress, Scott advised me not to hire him or anyone else. His advice was half-right – we raised a tremendous amount of money, but we still needed to call him from time to time for his advice. When I hired FMG in 1996, I got a highly effective consultant, and ended up in 1998 with a true friend."

Governor Jay Inslee, WA State

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