In 2007 FMG organized the Beshear for Governor fundraising efforts that raised almost $12 million for the campaign and the Democratic Party to defeat incumbent Governor Ernie Fletcher.

For the second year in a row, FMG helped a Democratic challenger outraise an incumbent Republican Governor!

In 2010 – 2011 FMG oversaw the $13 million re-election effort. Scott Gale was named 2011 Democratic Fundraiser of the Year by the American Association of Political Consultants for the 2011 re-election campaign.


Governor Steve Beshear congratulates Scott Gale and his colleagues for being named 2011 Democratic Fundraiser of the Year by the American Association of Political Consultants for the 2011 re-election campaign.


In 2014 Scott Gale and FMG built the finance teams and operations of several Democratic nominees for Governor and Attorney General from coast to coast – including Governor Tom Wolf (PA) and Democratic Attorney General nominee David Pepper (OH).


Tom Wolf, PA
Scott Gale and the Fundraising Management Group (FMG) did a superb job in building a finance team and system for my 2014 campaign for Governor.  I faced many challenges as a first-time candidate, not the least of which was raising funds during a Democratic Primary that included two incumbent officeholders with a history of success in fundraising.  With the help of FMG, I was able to more than hold my own in this first, and critical, fundraising challenge.Scott’s strategy was simple, but highly effective:  to focus on greatly expanding the donor base and building a cadre of fundraisers in my home area of York County and Central PA, an area often overlooked by statewide office seekers.  Many of these donors were people I had known for many years, but many others – in York County and throughout Pennsylvania and the country – were garnered from the network of raisers that we built.  I would whole-heartedly recommend FMG to any Democratic candidate looking to build a fundraising network.

Fundraising Presentation to Wolf Donors
Scott Gale makes Fundraising Presentation to Wolf Donors


Quote Governor Ann Richards, TX Scott’s ideas, advice, and counsel were invaluable in meeting our fundraising goals, and his recruitment and training of a young field staff provided key assistance to local finance leaders. I would enthusiastically recommend Scott and the Fundraising Management Group to any candidate wishing to launch a successful fundraising effort. Quote


David Pepper pic
Ohio Democratic Party Chair,
David Pepper
I ran for statewide office in 2010 and 2014, two very difficult years for statewide Democratic candidates in Ohio. In 2014 I raised almost $4 million, an amount that far exceeds that which an Ohio Democratic Attorney General challenger has ever raised in the past. This was twice as much as I had raised running statewide in 2010. In 2014 I had more than 5500 donors, almost three times as many as 2010.The difference?  In 2014 Scott Gale put together a superb finance team and operation that worked together with me and over 300 people throughout Ohio who raised funds for my campaign. Scott’s strategy for building generations of raisers worked extremely well. As State Democratic Party Chair, I plan to use the same strategy to transform state party fundraising. I would enthusiastically encourage other Democratic office seekers to hire Scott and build their own fundraising team and network. Quote


In the 2006 election cycle, FMG built the finance operations of Governor Deval Patrick (MA) and gubernatorial nominees Chris Bell (TX), Mark Taylor (GA) & John Destefano (CT).

Destefano outraised Rell by a margin of 2:1 and was the only Democratic challenger in the nation to outraise an incumbent Governor in 2006. His $6 million effort was 3 times greater than any Democratic gubernatorial nominee in Connecticut history.

FMG helped Richmond Mayor Tim Kaine shock Virginia politics in 2001 by raising $2.5 million in his successful bid to become Lt. Governor. FMG worked with Lt. Governor Kaine in each of the subsequent four years to help him raise almost $25 million to win his 2005 gubernatorial campaign.


U.S. Senator
Tim Kaine, VA
When I decided to run for Lt. Governor of Virginia, I knew that perhaps my biggest challenge would be going from the $30,000 an election I raised as Mayor to the $2.5 million I would need to be elected to statewide office. I had no idea how I was going to increase my fund raising efforts by 8000% — but that is why I hired Scott Gale. Scott helped hire and train the staff, and trained me to be a better fundraiser. But most importantly, he provided constant strategic advice. Campaigns have a tendency to be very short sighted. Scott made sure that we had a short, medium, and long-term strategy that we pursued with equal vigor and tenacity. He was the first consultant I rehired to work on my 2005 campaign for Governor. Quote



In 2008 FMG was the architect of both of Bob Casey’s (PA) U.S Senate campaign finance operations. After hiring and training a ten-person finance team in 2005, FMG developed and implemented a fundraising strategy that resulted in a new U.S. Senate challenger record of $18 million.

In 2006 Bob Casey raised more funds than any Democratic U.S. Senate challenger had ever raised anywhere and 4.5 times more than any Democratic challenger had ever raised in Pennsylvania.

In 2010 FMG was brought back to oversee the 2012 fundraising campaign, giving Senator Casey the funds to confront the fourth largest self-funder in Senate history.


U.S. Senator
Bob Casey, PA
I had the good fortune of having many friends who were generous in contributing and in soliciting their friends. . . But we never would have raised the funds we did if we had not brought Scott Gale in as our finance consultant, from the very beginning, to hire and train the staff; develop the fund raising strategy, and work with the finance director and team on a daily basis to implement it. What makes Scott unique is not whom he knows, but what he knows. His signature is working with campaigns to build “generations” of donors – to make sure a campaign’s fundraising is done in such a way that allows it to continue to grow exponentially. Scott’s system took all of our strengths and made them much, much stronger. Quote


Quote Congressman      Martin Frost, TX Former Chair, DCCC I thought I had done a thorough job in my in-district fundraising, but… FMG found a terrific young staffer, trained her well, and suggested a method and discipline that resulted in a deeper, broader base of in-district contributors.They also helped us develop our base in NY, other cities, and with PACs. Much of what FMG implements is good common sense — and that is ultimately what candidates need consultants for. Quote


FMG was the finance consultant for Jeff Merkley (OR) and Jim Martin (GA) in their U.S. Senate campaigns. The newly-elected Senator Merkley raised $6.5 million, and Martin raised $8 million in just eight months in his battle against Saxby Chambliss.

Both challengers set new instate fundraising records — they each raised more funds instate than any previous Democratic candidate, including the most recently elected incumbent Democratic U.S. Senators from their respective states.


Jim Martin
2008 U.S. Senate Nominee, GA
Hiring Scott to refocus my 2006 Lt. Governor campaign’s fundraising efforts in Georgia was not a decision that came easily. While his reputation in Georgia is sterling, we had a solid staff and had surprised the pundits with our early success. But I knew we needed to pick up the pace, and Scott’s impact was more immediate and far more significant that I could have ever imagined.Hiring Scott in 2008 was one of the easiest decisions to make – and a key one. We raised $8 million in just eight months, including $4 million from Georgia, more money than any Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, challenger or incumbent, has ever raised from Georgia. Scott Gale made that happen. Quote

U.S. Senator
Jeff Merkley, OR
Scott Gale was an invaluable member of my campaign team for U.S. Senate in 2008. While I knew a good deal about fund raising from my time as Speaker of the Oregon House, and indeed had learned quite a lot from people Scott had mentored over the years here in Oregon, his knowledge of the process and scope of a United States Senate race is truly remarkable.I always thought of fundraising as an art, and through working with Scott, I have come to appreciate that it is much more of a science. Scott brought together the ingredients that made our efforts so successful in a very challenging campaign. I enthusiastically recommend Scott Gale to others who are also looking to take on the challenge of running for statewide office. Quote