In the year before hiring FMG, Ann Richards (TX) raised an average of $150,000 per month. In the seven months after hiring FMG, she raised $3.5 million.

1991, 1995

FMG moved in quickly to set up fundraising operations for Harris Wofford (PA) and Ron Wyden (OR) — the only two Democrats to win special U.S. Senate elections in the 1990’s.


Despite raising the same amount of funds, Bob Abrams (NY) was able to outspend Geraldine Ferraro 2:1 on television and win the nomination for U.S. Senate. Abram’s fundraising costs were only half as much as Ferraro’s.
Quote Governor Ann Richards, TX Scott’s ideas, advice, and counsel were invaluable in meeting our fundraising goals, and his recruitment and training of a young field staff provided key assistance to local finance leaders. I would enthusiastically recommend Scott and the Fundraising Management Group to any candidate wishing to launch a successful fundraising effort. Quote
Quote U.S. Senator Harris Wofford, PA At the start of my first race for the Senate I hired Scott Gale and FMG and they were able to move quickly to create an in-state and national team that helped me raise $4 million in just five months.In 1993, FMG was the first consulting firm we re-hired for the 1994 campaign. What makes them exceptional is their ability to put together, train, and advise an instate team that complements the PAC and national programs. I’d strongly recommend FMG to anyone running for office. Quote


Lt. Gov. Nick Theodore (SC) was being outraised 2:1 by his favored gubernatorial primary opponent in the first quarter. After hiring FMG, over the next two quarters he raised more funds than his two primary opponents and the three Republican challengers combined, and won the nomination. FMG helped House candidate Phil Schiliro (NY) raise $500K in 5 weeks, Jim Maloney (CT) become the #1 challenger fundraiser, and Lloyd Doggett (TX) become the #1 open-seat fundraiser.


FMG’s two U.S. Senate nominees, Harvey Gantt and Steve Beshear, finished #1 and #2 amongst Democrat challengers in raising contributions from individual donors.
Quote U.S. Senator Jeff Bingaman, NM FMG did an extraordinary job in directing and organizing our fundraising efforts. Scott hired, trained, and supervised a first-class team in New Mexico, who enabled me to tap crucial new sources of support.But, even more importantly, they kept me focused on the crucial task at hand… Without their discipline, persistence, and hard work, I would not have had the resources to get re-elected in the face of the national tide of 1994. Quote
Quote Phil Schiliro,  Congressional Nominee, NY In 1992 and 1994, unusual circumstances allowed me to run for Congress on short notice. Each time FMG did a great job of helping us maximize our funding. Between our 12-week race in ’92 and 5-week race in ’94 we raised over $1 million, and FMG deserves much of the credit.My fundraising advice is: start early, and get FMG on board at the start. Quote
Quote Harvey Gantt, NC     U.S. Senate Nominee There’s not a lot of "fun" in "fundraising", but Scott Gale was able to put $9 million dollars together in a way that was timely, financially efficient, and not too painful. He knows a tremendous amount about donors throughout the country, but more importantly, he knows how to build a team. In 1996, we out raised every Senate candidate, Republican or Democrat, in the country. That would not have happened without Scott Gale. Quote


FMG worked with Baron Hill (IN) for Congress, who posted one of the highest fundraising totals for an open seat.  In an uphill battle against Mayor Giuliani, FMG helped Ruth Messinger raise $4 million before matching funds.


FMG consulted for U.S. Senate nominees Bill Bradbury (OR) and Ron Kirk (TX), newly elected Congressmen Brad Miller (NC) and Jim Marshall (GA), and former DNC Chair, Steve Grossman (MA) in his run for Governor.


FMG helped leading House challenger and open seat candidates, including John Barrow, the only Democrat to defeat an incumbent Congressman in 2004.
Quote Congressman      Martin Frost, TX Former Chair, DCCC I thought I had done a thorough job in my in-district fundraising, but… FMG found a terrific young staffer, trained her well, and suggested a method and discipline that resulted in a deeper, broader base of in-district contributors.They also helped us develop our base in NY, other cities, and with PACs. Much of what FMG implements is good common sense — and that is ultimately what candidates need consultants for. Quote